With the discussion of America being a racist country, we should discuss how racism infects lesser known areas of our society. If a Black person is injured in an auto accident, they are subject to racism in 3 ways:

  1. Police abuse or neglect — When police are called to the scene of an accident, they view Black victims as criminals and white perpetrators as buddies.
  2. Medical apartheid — This is a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race within the medical field. Black Americans are less likely to get screening for medical treatment in an ER.

Black kids are most vulnerable to abuse by the government. Whether from the police, the courts, or state government, juvenile justice is in a time of crisis.

Last week was one of the most difficult for abolitionists and freedom fighters. We witnessed juveniles be killed by police on camera in front of their homes and in a bathroom inside of their schools. We witnessed the United States Supreme Court further dehumanize children by expanding the possibility of life without parole on juveniles.

It is inhumane to sentence children to prison for life without parole. In fact, many international human rights…

Calling us “Angry Black people” is a historical tool used to legally discriminate. Used to excuse murder, job discrimination, red lining, etc. Every legal professional should be banned from using this dangerous racist angle.

When I consult with a company about their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion needs, I begin by asking their steps in the antiracism process. There has been historical legalized racism in the U.S. As a result, companies and organizations are working in the dark without a flashlight while trying to hire more Black people and retain them.

Despite the constant fight for Black liberation since the 1600s…

Black people who have never encountered the police or been accused of a crime are still affected by the prison industrial complex. Many people think of prisons and jails as this black hole that is out of sight, out of mind. Quite the contrary, racism in the criminal justice system infects most if not all government and social systems in the country.

As a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion professional, I solve problems for companies. I solve issues when they have trouble finding, hiring, retaining, and creating an inclusive environment for diverse applicants. I specialize in racial diversity in respect to…

Georgetown Law School professor, Sandra Sellers, went viral when she said a racist stereotype about her Black students on a Zoom call.

Law schools are responsible for educating some of our country’s top leaders. 16 U.S. presidents graduated from law school. 16 more U.S. presidents were lawyers before law school was a requirement. Thus 32 out of 46 presidents have been attorneys.

Law schools produce the legal professionals that create laws, interpret the laws, and prosecute on behalf of the law for every demographic in the U.S. Yet, these schools seem to offer little to no inclusion and equity to…


3 reasons why companies should pause before pledging financial support for antiracism.

In recent weeks, there have been companies putting the word out that they will pledge $100 million dollars towards Black people, Black businesses, or other antiracist efforts. While the idea is cute, I believe it is short sighted. The organizations making the funding decisions benefit from racism and have not taken meaningful steps to rectify that.

  1. Companies cannot pledge money for antiracism while diversity is non-existent in it’s C-Suite.

Let’s look at some of the more recent pledges. Starbucks pledges $100 million “to help small businesses and Black…

Natasha M. Scruggs — Author of the article

In 2020 we saw a lot of awareness around the treatment of Black people in society. Although Black Americans have been screaming about mistreatment and brutality from American society and from the government for centuries, it felt like we were finally heard.

Or were we?

Let’s look at jobs for example. June 2, 2020 was blackout Tuesday and we saw most companies show some solidarity to Black Lives Matter. After that day, Black Americans did not see much change from corporations that participated.

If we look at companies rated as “top in diversity” it is clear that they do not…

The USA was built upon white supremacy that uses black bodies for social, political, and economic world dominance.

Disdain for the PURPOSEFUL Pepsi ad and cultural appropriation in other ads is not “angry black woman” talk. It’s more than an “inspiration” from black culture. This is an issue that has cost the lives of my ancestors and my people. It is not a joke to me when people stock, store, and sell black bodies to make a profit.

My disdain seeks to defend the human soul of black folk against the COMMERCIAL EXPLOITATION that renders black bodies and black culture…

I’m sorry I couldn’t save you

My brother I love you! I always tell you when I see you. I picture you full of life giving me a hug and kiss a few weeks ago. But now weeks have passed since the morning we got the call. I’m just sorry I couldn’t save you.

In my dream I heard screams of terror that turned into a real nightmare. When Kay came in the room crying and yelling for me to get up I was still in a daze. “It’s not true” I said. …

Natasha M. Scruggs

Antiracist Attorney. ⚖️ @scruggslawfirm 🎙 @thescruggsshow |Abolitionist |She/Her | Social Justice | #ΣΓΡ | ⬇️Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Resources

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